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Grand Rising

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strictly reggae nft minting and marketplace platform

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By Adelf Menezes

Edition 1/1, signed physical print #1/100

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where adelf go? no one know! such are artists.. like the fleeting scent of ganja in the morning.

We know where we're going, we know where we're from.

Grand Rising Community is an independent, volunteer web3 reggae community focused on providing tangible support, invaluable knowledge, and web3 experience to our members. All are welcome, however there are only 100 membership tokens. If you are interested in joining, please refer to the DAO RGP Paper for more details before purchasing a membership token. If these instructions are confusing, you are probably in the wrong place... but if you are certain this is where you want to be- then this is where you belong. Get in touch with us any way you can. We like to buidl.